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New or Growing Water / Sewer Accounts

Congratulations on choosing to connect to the North Conway Water Precinct Water & Sewer system!  We have immense pride in what we consider to be some of the cleanest, safest, best tasting drinking water on the planet, as well as one of the most progressive, efficient wastewater treatment facilities in all of New Hampshire.

If you are requesting a new connection to NCWP’s system or growing an existing connection, a one-time fee is assessed to account for the increased demand on our water and sewer infrastructure.  These fees are commonly called “Buy-In Fees”, and are placed into capital reserve accounts dedicated to improving our water and wastewater infrastructure to support economic growth and development within NCWP.

Buy-In Fees are calculated based on the increase in the amount of water your new or growing development will use over previous use on the property.  The link below will bring you to a document outlining the current Buy-In Fees, as well as an example calculation to help you get an idea of what the total cost of your Buy-In Fees will be.  Please note that actual Buy-In Fees are calculated by the Superintendent and may differ from the example based on updated NHDES design tables.

You are required to provide payment in full for Buy-In Fees prior to NCWP turning the water on for your new development, or prior to new space occupancy for growing, existing developments.  In the event Buy-In Fees are not received prior to occupancy of the new space, NCWP reserves the right to discontinue water service (shut off water) until payment is made.