This model facility is the only one of its kind in the United States. The advanced treatment process was designed to protect this vital watershed area while serving community needs by…

  • … Effectively removing potentially damaging waste constituents and nutrients. These materials have the potential to degrade water quality and damage native fish populations if not controlled. The materials are removed via a unique combination of biological treatment processes including an advanced activated sludge (Bardenpho) process.
  • … Disinfecting treated water with environmentally friendly (UV) light, as opposed to other disinfections technologies such as chlorine that can be toxic to aquatic organisms.
  • … Discharging treated effluent to on-site groundwater via rapid infiltration basins; there is no direct discharge to the Saco River. Discharge to the rapid infiltration basins provides additional treatment and ensures that the Saco River’s water quality will be maintained.
  • … Ensuring that all areas associated with the wastewater treatment facility are properly contained and the odors are treated by a two-stage odor removal and treatment system.
  • View of the plant looking northeast from the main process tank showing clarifiers, sludge holding tank, and process building.